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Welcome, from Dan Masterson

After reading thousands of poems over the past many years, I am still anxious to read one of yours. I will critique one poem--in detail-- FREE OF CHARGE and return it to you promptly.

After reading and commenting on your free poem, if I feel I can help you make your work even better--a decision I‘ve been faced with since I founded Poetry Master in 2005--perhaps we should consider working together on a contract, but that’s down the road.

Here We Are: A Gallery of Poems

was launched 10/24/2015, at The Grolier Poetry Press in Harvard Square. Pictured above, Poets X.J. Kennedy, Ifeanyi Menkiti, Dan Masterson.

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The Search Is Over

We welcome Copy Editor Martha Francis to Poetry Master. (She’s going to edit my next book!)

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Praise for Dan Masterson's Work

Poetry is striving desperately for the truly human. Dan Masterson has achieved that fortunate and magical ground. We believe him: everything in human life and everything in poetry depends on that response, and Masterson gives it to us, rewardingly and essentially.

James Dickey
American Poet

I have read On Earth As It Is over and over again, and I've carried it about with me as I've done with precious few books in recent years.

James Wright
American Poet

Dan Masterson's "Legacy by Water" surpasses what most of us have done by many a lap. It is an inspiration to me to read a poem so moving, so well plotted, so intensely tactile and yet always the persona is driven.

Anne Sexton
American Poet